Emily Dickinson, 1609

Wa’t ûnder - net de Himel fynt -
Rint him ek boppe mis -
Want Ingels hiere ’t Hûs nêst dynt,
Wêr’t ek dyn Thús mar is -


Who has not found the Heaven - below -
Will fail of it above -
For Angels rent the House next our’s,
Wherever we remove -


F1609 (J1544). Ofbylding: bryfke fan Dickinson oan har tantesizzer Martha Dickinson en dy har freondintsje Sally Jenkins. ‘If ever the World should frown on you - he is old you know - give him a Kiss, and that will disarm him - if it dont - tell him from me, Who has not found [...] Lovingly, Emily.’ The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

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