Emily Dickinson, 750

Earst smachte wy - Natuer stelt Wet -
En letter - as wy stjerre -
Dan smeke wy wat Wetter ôf -
Fan fingers dy’t passeare -

It tsjut op delikater need -
Skoan komt dêroan temjitte
Dat Grutte Wetter yn it West -
Unstjerlikheid is ’t hjitten -


We thirst at first - ’tis Nature’s Act -
And later - when we die -
A little Water supplicate -
Of fingers going by -

It intimates the finer want -
Whose adequate supply
Is that Great Water in the West -
Termed Immortality -


F750 (J726). Ofbylding: Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

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