Emily Dickinson, 472

’t Is goed - werom te sjen op Rou -
En daai opnij in Dei -
Dy’t wie oft al it kende Lok
Twang yn in Kiste lei -

Betink opnij hoe’t Warber Gers
It oernaam - ien foar ien -
Oant Simmers alle Rou in Weach
Wie - nimmen seach de stien.

En is it Leed dat Hjoed dy treft
Noch grutter - sa’t de Floed
Syn net-ûntholden Drip oerstiicht -
’t Is Wetter - likegoed -


’Tis good - the looking back on Grief -
To re-endure a Day -
We thought the mighty Funeral -
Of all conceived Joy -

To recollect how Busy Grass
Did meddle - one by one -
Till all the Grief with Summer - waved
And none could see the stone.

And though the Wo you have Today
Be larger - As the Sea
Exceeds it’s unremembered Drop -
They’re Water - equally -


F472 (J660). Ofbylding: Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

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