Emily Dickinson, 1581

Wa’t - eartiids stoar,
Wist wêr’t er gong -
Nei God Syn Rjochterhân -
Dy Hân is amputearre no
En God wurdt nearne fûn -

De troansôfstân fan Leauwe
Makket Dwaan en Litten lyts -
In dwaalljochtsje is better
As dat alle skynsel mist -


Those - dying then,
Knew where they went -
They went to God’s Right Hand -
That Hand is amputated now
And God cannot be found -

The abdication of Belief
Makes the Behavior small -
Better an ignis fatuus
Than no illume at all -


F1581 (J1551). Ofbylding: Amherst College Library, Emily Dickinson Collection, 476.

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