Emily Dickinson, 64

Hert! Wy moatte him ferjitte!
Do en Ik - fannacht!
Do de waarmte dy’t er joech -
En Ik ferjit it ljocht!

Sadreesto klear bist, sis it my,
Dat Ik dan daalk begjin!
Fluch! Salangsto talmest
Bliuwt er my yn ’t sin!


Heart! We will forget him!
You and I - tonight!
You may forget the warmth he gave -
I will forget the light!

When you have done, pray tell me
That I may straight begin!
Haste! lest while you’re lagging
I remember him!


F64 (J47). Ofbylding: Amherst College Library, Emily Dickinson Collection, fascicle 80.

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