Emily Dickinson, 520

God skoep in Gintsiaantsje -
’t Die war - en wês Pioen -
Omdoch - de Simmer gnyske -
Mar krekt foar ’t Snieseizoen

Skeat der in Kreatuer op -
Dat Poarper smiet oer ’t Gea -
De Simmer die de Holle del -
En lêbe - no net mear -

’t Kaam op betingst fan Froastkjeld -
Pas Fiolette Groei
As ’t Noard dy opropt - Skepper -
Kom Ik - ek hast - ta Bloei?


God made a little Gentian -
It tried - to be a Rose -
And failed - and all the Summer laughed -
But just before the Snows

There rose a Purple Creature -
That ravished all the Hill -
And Summer hid her Forehead -
And Mockery - was still -

The Frosts were her condition -
The Tyrian would not come
Until the North - invoke it -
Creator - Shall I - bloom?


F520 (J442). Ofbylding: Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

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