Emily Dickinson, 1121

De Loft is leech - it Swurk ûnhuer.
In Snieflok Underweis
Is dwers - moat troch in Karrespoar
Of lâns in Keet syn Reis?
Ien kaam in Skrale Wyn op ’t Sear
Dy seurt no bûten Roai
Somtiids, as Us, wurdt de Natuer
Betrape sûnder Toai -


The Sky is low - the Clouds are mean.
A Travelling Flake of Snow
Across a Barn or through a Rut
Debates if it will go -
A Narrow Wind complains all Day
How some one treated him
Nature, like Us is sometimes caught
Without her Diadem -


F1121 (J1075)

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